How to Attract, Hire and Retain Millennial Dental Team Members
2017 by DentalSpots

It is indeed a whole new world when it comes to hiring dental employees. The dentist or office manager seeks to hire dental team members who will function together smoothly as a unit, while also presenting a positive face of the practice to patients. A dental hygienist who fails to make patients feel comfortable, or an unhappy dental front office staff person, can drive patients away despite the dentist’s expertise. The rise of the Millennial Generation makes attracting, hiring and retaining dental employees even more challenging.


Born between 1980 and 2000, Millennials have burst onto the employment scene in full force. Now outpacing Baby Boomers, they present unique employment challenges. Make them happy, and they’ll stick around and help you build your practice. Do something that isn’t in line with their work philosophy, though, and they are quick to pick up and move. Here are a few insights we can offer to help make Millennials valuable team members:


  • They have confidence in spades: Even though they might at first act like they know what they are doing, this may be a false sense of confidence. The dental profession might go against some of their current ways of thinking, so be gentle in helping them acquire the necessary technical skills without deflating their ego.
  • They love technology: Millennials definitely represent the age of technology, so use social media and the internet to help bring them into your practice. Use to attract the most qualified prospects, and then get them involved in using technology to improve your practice.
  • They appreciate mentoring: With some employees you might be able to just explain the job, and they are happy. But Millennials want to know more about how their work fits in with the overall result. Become a mentor who helps them become better at their jobs, and they are more likely to provide the outstanding patient service you desire.
  • Keep on top of pay levels: Millennials appreciate input, but are also very salary conscious and will research how their salary compares with their peers. Use Dental Salary Connect from to easily compare minimum, maximum and median salaries by dental job title, available by specific geographic region.


Hiring Millennial dental team members often brings a new dynamic to your dental practice. Use to attract them, follow our blogs to get updated on the latest in dental employment trends, and check Salary Connect to make sure your salaries are in line with market expectations. Take advantage of the latest technology to attract and retain the latest generation of dental employees. and its patient-facing site,, provide practice management tools to support the dental profession in attracting and retaining both patients and dental employees. With Staff Connect, Patient Connect and Salary Connect, dental employers and dental employees have the tools needed to connect the dental dots. Further information on Salary Connect may be found at, or by following us on social media.

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