Grow Your Dental Hygiene Career by Building Your Personal Brand
2016 by DentalSpots

Do you want to make the most of your dental hygiene career? Whether you’re currently looking for a job or you plan to make a career move in the future, it’s always important to work on your personal brand. Your personal brand refers to what makes you unique and different and your brand should be built around what will make you a good fit for dental employers. From your resume to your online presence, it’s important to focus on building a personal brand that is consistent across all of your career and job hunting materials. Here’s a closer look at some helpful tips you can use as you build your own personal brand to enhance your dental hygiene career.

Tip #1 – Talk to Your Loyal Patients

If you want to begin building your personal brand, start talking to your loyal patients. Branding helps to make sure that consumers, and in this case, potential employers, remember you. You want to be seen as the only one that can offer a solution to an employer’s or patient’s problem. Talk to current patients and ask them why they keep coming back to you. What makes you stand out as a dental hygienist? The answers you get from patients will help you to see the ways that you stand out on the job, helping you to begin building your own personal brand.

Tip #2 – Build a Resume that Reinforces Your Brand

When you build your personal brand, you want to make sure that your resume reinforces that brand. Some great ideas you can use when creating a brand reinforcing resume include:

  • Know who you want to target with your resume. Identify a practices needs and problems and show how you can fill those needs or solve those problems.
  • You must brand yourself and show your unique value proposition within your resume.
  • Include specific examples of success and achievements that build and reinforce your brand.
  • Focus on branding “above the fold” where most employers will look first.
  • Skip the repetitive job descriptions and highlight relevant keyword phrases that reinforce your brand.

Tip #3 – Build a Brand Online

More and more employers are finding their dental employees online, so if you want to build your own personal brand to further your dental hygiene career, you’ll want to begin building your brand online. Building your brand online and getting involved with social media are both essential to today’s dental hygiene job search. To build your brand online, keep the following things in mind:

  • Take the time to Google your name from time to time. If you find anything unsavory that could negatively affect your brand, try to remove it. Search results change often, so you need to monitor the results regularly.
  • Consider buying the domain name for your name, such as This is a great way to launch your own website, which you can use as a home base for job search and career branding materials.
  • Get started with LinkedIn, since it’s the most essential social network for personal branding, career management, and job searching. If you don’t have a presence on LinkedIn, some employers may feel that you are disinterested or inept with social media.
  • Join and get involved with professional dental hygienist associations. Many dental employers turn to these associations to find new employees.
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