How to Make Your Dental Hygienist Job Interview Memorable
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When interviewing for a dental hygienist job, you have to make it memorable. Most people only recall catchy phrases, keywords, and other things that really stand out from a conversation. Many dental offices interview multiple dental hygienists, so you need to make sure you stand out in the mind of the interviewer. Use the following tips to ensure your dental hygienist job interview is memorable.

Keep Your Responses Short and Sweet

Talking in sound bites is important when you’re trying to make an impression at an interview for a dental hygiene job. When you’re asked to elaborate, you still want to keep your responses fairly brief, sharing information for about 30-45 seconds. While it may not sound like a lot of time, most people speak 4-5 sentences within that amount of time. Your interviewer doesn’t have a lot of time, so you need to be able to communicate the important information quickly. One great way to prepare for this is to take some typical questions you’d encounter at a dental hygiene job interview and then type out your responses to those questions. Try to keep each answer to 4-5 sentences. Next, practice saying your answers. You’ll be able to weed out irrelevant information, ensuring that you offer information that makes you memorable.

Stay Away from Clichés

When you want to be memorable, it’s important to stay away from clichés. Clichés are easy to use – in fact, you probably use them without thinking. The only problem with using clichés is that they are easy to forget. Instead of using clichés during your interview, work on using speech that is more colorful. Use sentences and words that tell a story and paint a picture in the mind of the interviewer. Colorful language is more likely to stick with the interviewer, even after your interview is over. For example, instead of telling the interview you want to work as a dental hygienist to help the practice get to the “next level,” say, “My goal is to ensure that every patient leaves with a smile.” The second statement helps you create a memorable visual.

Give Plenty of Examples

You also need to get specific during your interview – give plenty of examples. This is an extension of using powerful, colorful speech. Whenever you talk about something you can bring to the company, always follow it up with an example. This way you can really show the impact you have made in the past when you held other dental hygiene jobs. You should also be ready to give examples regarding information you’ve included on your resume. For example, if you noted that you increased the patient base at the last office you worked in, be ready to give some examples regarding how you accomplished that.

Focus on 3 Things That Set You Apart

Another excellent tip to follow to ensure you set yourself apart from other dental hygienists applying for the job is to focus on three things that set you apart. This is an important part of branding yourself so you are memorable. While you should make sure that you focus on these three things in a cover letter and resume, it’s also important to bring them up during your interview as well. Although you probably have plenty of great skills, focusing on three selling points will make it more memorable for the interviewer. When you’re asked to talk about your strengths, don’t give the interviewer a long list. Instead, focus on the three key selling points you’ve decided on and make yourself shine.

Let the Interviewer Lead the Interview

Some dental hygienists make the mistake of trying to stand out by dominating the interview. Don’t make this mistake. Instead, allow the interviewer to lead the interview. If you cut off the interviewer when they are asking questions, it may make you look overly nervous or even rude. Pay attention to emotional cues and body language as well. Simply listening to what your interviewer has to stay can draw that person in, helping you to begin building a relationship.

After interviewing for a dental hygienist job, you want the interviewer to remember you as relaxed, personable, and capable. With these helpful tips, the interviewer is sure to remember you long after the interview is over, increasing your chances of landing the job.

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