Command Attention on Your Dental Resume with a Strong Objective
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If you’re in the market for a job in dentistry, the biggest obstacle in securing an interview could be your resume itself. Many resumes are discarded before the prospective employer even reads the second paragraph. To prevent this from happening to you, add a career objective near the top of the page.

An objective is not mandatory, but it could be the one thing that makes you really stand out from other similarly qualified dental professionals. Your objective should be listed in the summary section of your resume, separate from your work experience, and even your cover letter. You can also make use of an objective on an online job profile. It could end up being the most crucial part of your resume package.

You want to catch the eye of potential employers, be it an office manager or the dentist, and make them curious to read the explanation that follows. An objective is especially essential if you are just starting out in a dental career since your past work experience may not yet seem applicable. Use an objective to bridge the gap, and encourage an employer to consider how your experience does apply to your prospective new role in the practice. If you are applying for a front desk position, but have no prior dental experience, you might try including an objective like this:

Objective: Bring my 3 years of clerical experience to ABC Dental, along with a calm and friendly demeanor, with the objective of improving the patient experience at check-out.

In this case, you will then reference the skills you’ve learned elsewhere that will come in handy in your desired dental job.

What to Include in Your Objective

A career objective is a smooth transition statement that guides the reader from where you’ve been (mentioning your accomplishments and skills) to where you want to be (stating your dental career goals). In other words, the objective summarizes the experience you have from previous jobs and discusses how you intend to use it to further your career in dentistry. Take a look at this example for a dental assistant:

Objectives: Apply my decade of specialized experience as a Dental Assistant to The Dental Clinic. Deliver a strong foundation of skills in Infection Control, with the goal of enhancing the workflow in a clinical setting.

The goal is to be direct, clear, and simple. You need to state outright why you are the best choice for the position. Without this foundation, the employer’s only choice is to assume you will fit the bill based solely upon your job experiences.

How to Write a Dental Career Objective

Keep your objective comprehensive, yet concise. It is best if you can convey your thoughts in a few direct statements, but it really should not extend beyond two very brief paragraphs. Remember, you are writing to catch the attention of the hiring manager – you don’t want to lose that attention before they even finish reading your objective.

If you’re a dentist planning on joining a dental group, don’t underestimate the impact a tailored objective can have, even if you have plenty of experience and certifications to back you up. Consider this example:

Seasoned Periodontist with an aptitude for empathizing and communicating with geriatric patients seeks a position as a member of the Save-a-Tooth Periodontics team to promote patient health and awareness of Implant-Supported Denture options.

Employers already know you are applying for a job, but they don’t yet know what’s in it for them, so this is no time to be vague. Tailor your objective to the specific position and dental practice. Mention the particulars of the position and explain how your skills fill their exact needs. This objective isn’t just about you. It highlights what you can do to benefit the practice. Avoid generic and redundant statements such as: “Experienced Dental Hygienist applying to ABC Dental to further career in Dental Hygiene,” as that has no benefit statement. Try jazzing it up with action words and descriptive terms to sound more like this:

Objective: Apply my skills as an enthusiastic and friendly Dental Hygienist to a long-term position as a productive member of the ABC Dental Team. Present the attitude of an adaptable team player who is always reaching out for opportunities to expand my skill set and knowledge to increase practice efficiency.

Notice how stretching the simple thought makes this objective stand out? The dental employer knows this individual is serious about the dental hygienist job. If you find that creative writing doesn’t come easily to you, you can break up your paragraphs into short lists. Walk the reviewer from beginning to end using simple statements, thereby avoiding the difficulty of connecting ideas in paragraph format. Your objective helps the hiring agent see you as you want to be perceived.

What an Objective Can Do For You

A strong objective on your dental resume can help you by:

  • Conveying the extent of your interest in the dental job opening.
  • Subtly demonstrating your insight into the dental practice.
  • Showcasing your writing and communication skills as a dental professional.

The effort you put into crafting a brief and specific objective will show your potential dental employer just how seriously you will take the position, the practice, and yourself as an employee. They will translate all of this effort into a belief that you will be a positive addition to their dental team.

Without an objective, you are limiting yourself to a list of qualifications that could belong to anyone. Certifications, licenses, a list of past positions, or even a listed number of years of experience may mean very little on paper. Those are details everyone expects to be included. You’re a dental professional who takes action. A well-considered objective can help you summarize and vividly demonstrate how all those career details add up to make you the most qualified candidate. Get noticed by adding an impactful career objective to your profile or resume!

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