5 Tips for Creating a Resume That Will Get You Noticed
2016 by DentalSpots

Even though most dental employers only spend about six seconds looking at your resume, it’s still important to make your resume count. Making your resume eye-catching is essential, but you still need to make sure your resume has some substance and it needs to be relevant to the employer. Your resume needs to do more than show that you’re a qualified dental professional. That’s obvious – you need to make sure your resume really shows off who you are and what you can bring to the dental office. Here’s a look at some helpful tips that will help you create a relevant resume that will get you noticed.

Pay Attention to the Job Announcement

First, make sure you pay attention to the job announcement. You need to understand the specific dental job that you’re applying for. Read through the announcement carefully, looking for important keywords. Do they list important characteristics they want in an applicant, such as teamwork, laser experience, relaxing patients, etc. Paying attention to the job announcement can help you customize your resume, as well as your cover letter, for the specific employer and dental position.

Check the Dental Practice’s Website

It’s also helpful to check out the dental practice’s website before you customize your resume. Spend some time viewing their website, as well as their social media pages if they have one. You’ll be able to learn more about the dental office, such as their approach to keeping customers happy. Pay careful attention to the language that is used on their website and/or social media pages. You can use similar language in your resume to make sure you stand out.

Review Other Dental Professional Resumes

If you’re unsure about how to create a relevant resume that will get you notice, take some time to review resumes created by other dental professionals. Many dental websites offer samples or actual resumes that you can browse through. Look for statements that really grab your attention. While you don’t want to use statements word for word, you can get ideas and inspiration from looking at the resumes of others who are applying for similar dental jobs.

Focus on Results Instead of Duties

Many dental professionals focus on their duties in their resume, but you need to avoid focusing so much on duties, tasks, and responsibilities from previous dental jobs. Instead, make sure that your resume focuses on results. While focusing on patient care is essential, all dental offices want to enjoy a good bottom line. Dental offices want to hire dental professionals that not only work well with patients, they want someone who can help the practice grow and do well financially. By sharing results you’ve achieved, you will be able to stand out by showing what you have to bring to the practice.

Choose the Right Resume Design

Last, make sure that you choose the right resume design. Once again, you can use the design of the company website to help you decide on a design. Pay attention to the themes and colors used on their website, and then consider reflecting those themes and colors in your resume design. However, while it’s a great idea to choose a great design that makes your resume stand out, it’s usually best to stick with a standardized font on your resume. This makes it readable for the individual doing the hiring. Stick to just one font and ensure your resume has a professional, polished look.

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