The Best Way to Deliver Your Dental Assistant Resume
2015 by DentalSpots

In today’s digital world, most dental assistants find themselves sending in dental assistant resumes electronically. Certain offices may request resumes via email and in other cases, dropping off a resume in person may not be practical due to your current location. When you need to deliver your resume electronically, it’s important to make sure you choose the right delivery method. Here’s a look at a few don’ts and one big do to remember when you start sending out resumes electronically.

Don’t Send a Resume in the Body of an Email

First, it’s never a good idea to send out your dental assistant resume in the body of an email. The only way you should do this is if a company specifically notes that they will not take attachments. Resumes added to the body of an email never look good, since special text effects and graphics are all stripped away. Since the dental assistant market is so competitive, you must make sure that your resume looks good and grabs attention or you won’t get a second look from potential employers. It’s impossible to get the quality formatting you want in an email, so avoid simply pasting your resume into the body of an email.

Don’t Send a Resume as a Source Document

Many dental assistants create their resumes with word processing software, such as Pages or Word. While these programs do a great job at formatting your resume, it’s best to avoid sending a resume as a source document. While your resume may look great on your computer, your resume may not look right if you send it to someone who has a different version of the program. Another user could have different fonts and settings that result in your well-crafted resume looking like an unreadable, unprofessional mess.

Sending a DOCX file from Word could make it difficult for potential employers to open your resume. Older versions of OpenOffice and Word may not be able to open these documents, so your resume may not be seen if you try sending a Word file saved as a DOCX file. Sending OpenOffice files can also be a problem, since Word is unable to open these files.

Don’t Fax the Resume

While many dental offices still use fax machines, faxing is becoming less popular today. If you fax your resume to a dental office, it will probably arrive without a problem. However, the big problem for dental assistants is the way that the resume prints once it reaches the office. The resume may come out difficult to read, it may be unaligned, or the resume may look pixelated because fax machines don’t print in color. Since you are unable to predict how your resume will look when it comes out of the fax machine, you shouldn’t bother using this method of delivery unless it’s your only option.

DO Send the Resume as a PDF

If you need to send your resume electronically, the best option is to send your dental assistant resume as a PDF file. PDF files can take source documents from nearly any source, creating a standard file type that any computer can open. One of the benefits of sending your resume as a PDF is that the person who receives the file is unable to change or edit the file, ensuring that they see the resume just as you created it. It’s easier than ever to create PDF files, since many word processing programs allow you to create a PDF file right within the software. It’s quick and easy, yet it ensures that your resume looks great no matter what computer it is opened on. Just make sure that you save your PDF file with your name. Since dental offices often receive many resumes, saving it with your name ensures that it’s easy to identify whom the resume belongs to.

Of course, while sending your resume electronically is acceptable, the best way to delivery your resume is to hand-deliver it to the office where you want a dental assistant job. Delivering your resume in person gives you the chance to have an in-person interaction with that office. This allows you to create a great first impression with the office and may boost your chances of landing the job.

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