3 Important Dental Industry Job Trends
2015 by DentalSpots

Whether you’re searching for dental hygienist jobs or trying to find dental assistant jobs, it’s important to be aware of current trends within the industry. Understanding current dental industry job and hiring trends can help you customize the job seeking process for better results. Here’s a closer look at some of today’s hiring and job trends, as well as information on how you can use this information to increase your chance of landing the dental job you want.

Office Managers are Doing the Hiring

As you begin looking for dental industry jobs, it’s important to know who is actually doing the hiring at most dental practices today. Current trends show that it’s usually the office manager doing the hiring at a dental office. The rest of the time, it’s the dentist doing the hiring.

Since office managers are often doing the hiring, it’s important to keep this in mind as you’re searching for a job. If you walk into a practice to drop off your resume, consider asking to see the office manager. There’s a good chance that the office manager is doing the hiring anyway, so it’s a perfect time to make a good impression.

Job Seekers Use Current Relationships and the Web to Find Jobs

Where are dental professionals looking for dental opportunities? Most job seekers are looking at the web to find dental jobs. However, it’s important to note that dental professionals aren’t turning only to the web. A large percentage of dental job seekers also use their current relationships to find practices that are hiring.

Many dental professionals are using dental specific job platforms to search for jobs. More importantly, many employers are heading to dentistry-specific job platforms to find quality employees. Instead of checking general job platforms, dental professionals will enjoy greater benefits if they head to job platforms that are specific to the dental industry.

More Dental Workers are Working Multiple Jobs

Unfortunately, new trends show that more and more dental workers are working multiple jobs. Why are so many dental professionals having to work multiple jobs? One reason is because many dental offices aren’t hiring for full time positions. The lack of full time positions means that more dental assistants and dental hygienists have to work multiple jobs to get the hours they need. Some dentists are beginning to take over hygiene roles within their practice as well, reducing full time positions for dental hygienists. In some cases, dental employees like picking up a couple additional shifts each week to increase their income, which has also led to simultaneous practice employment within the dental industry.

While seeking multiple jobs may sound frustrating and time consuming, working multiple jobs does offer some benefits. It often offers dental workers the ability to enjoy different environments, reducing workplace stress. The additional hours often give workers a financial boost as well. On the other hand, professionals that choose to work multiple jobs need to be careful to avoid burnout.

Navigating the dental hiring process can be difficult today, but understanding current dental industry job and hiring trends can help. As you continue looking for dental jobs, keep these trends in mind and use this information to your benefits.

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