4 Creative Ways to Find Dental Jobs
2015 by DentalSpots

When you’re applying for jobs and feel like you are not getting a response, it can be easy to get discouraged. On the other end of the application process, the human resources professional or practice manager charged with sorting through the resumes that come in for open positions can also have a hard time and get discouraged trying to find the right applicant. You can help to solve this issue by tailoring your resume to appeal to the person hiring for this particular job. There are certain ways to make yourself stand out on paper without embellishing the facts or misrepresenting yourself.

Use Keywords to Get Past Resume Sorting Software

These days, many companies and hiring websites use a resume sorting software to determine which applicants are qualified. Because of the sheer numbers of applicants for every position that becomes available, many companies have to whittle down the stack of resumes before they can actually assign someone to look through them. The best way to get through this software and to a real person is to ensure your resume contains the right keywords. These are typically industry terms, such as popular software, training programs or skill sets that are likely to be needed in the dental office. If you can, incorporate these words more than once to have a better chance of the software picking them up.

Place Relevant Experience at The Top

You may be used to the old approach of putting every job you have held in chronological order. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, it can be less effective than putting all of your relevant jobs together. The person doing the hiring is likely to consider industry experience as a plus for you, so you may want to start your resume with a relevant experience category, in which you place any jobs, internships or training that have to do with the dental industry.

Write a Cover Letter, Even if it Isn’t Required

Many people choose not to write a cover letter for every job they apply to because it is not required. However a well written cover letter can be a way to grab the attention of the person reading through the resumes or applications. A cover letter does not need to be long or state your entire life history. You simply state your interest in the position, highlight the skills that make you a good candidate and sign off with a polite closing.

Try a Creative Resume

If you have some experience with graphic design or word processing software, you can try changing the font, color or overall style of your resume to make it eye catching. You should still keep it professional looking, but showcase your personal style through the way you organize things and the colors you use.

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