Use to Find Dental Vendors and Save Money
2013 by kreandeau is building a premier, one-stop website that offers everything today’s dental practice needs to thrive and grow. We already make it easier to fill Texas dentist jobs, fill open dental hygienist jobs and fill dental assistant jobs. We help dental professionals network with each other to keep updated on dental topics, look for potential dental job applicants, and build recognition. Our sister website,, helps dentists in Texas and dental professionals in California connect with new patients every day. As we talked with our network of dental professionals, one need that still stood out was the difficulty of finding dental vendors. 

If you’re like most dental professionals, you don’t have extra time to think about the dentals vendors used by your practice. Perhaps you have found a local supplier who meets your needs, have become comfortable with a certain vendor, or don’t think there are any better products or pricing available. Even if you do feel uncomfortable about something, you don’t want to take the time to locate new dental vendors to learn about their products and pricing. is happy to announce that soon you will no longer have to deal with any of this due to the upcoming addition of our newest feature which will allow vendors to connect directly with dental offices. 

At, our overall goal is to help dental professionals save time and reduce operating costs. By streamlining the process to connect with dental job seekers, dental patients and dental vendors in one online location, you can spend more of your time providing services to dental patients. If you had the time to sit down and really look at all of your vendors, you would realize that you have the opportunity to reduce operating costs simply by changing vendors or renegotiating with existing vendors. But you need information to do this, and that’s where we come in. This newest feature will be geared to helping dental offices connect with the right vendors, reducing their operating costs, and staying competitive. 

The great news is that this service will not just be limited to dental suppliers. We will expand it to include all of the services that a dental practice requires, such as credit card processing companies, dental insurance companies, marketing or practice management consulting companies, or any others you tell us you would like to see included in our database.

What else can we do to make it easier to connect with dental vendors? Leave a comment below, visit our website at, connect on Facebook, follow @DentalSpots on Twitter, or call 1-800-971-8008. Use to easily connect with dental vendors and you’ll save time and money.


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