5 Ways Networking on DentalSpots.com Can Help Improve Your Career
2013 by kreandeau

In these times of slow economic growth you need to take every advantage you can find to help manage your professional dental career. One way to build your career and be ready for whatever happens is to build a solid network of dental professionals you can rely on at all times. Become part of the DentalSpots.com professional network and you can boost your career with the following benefits:

  1. Connect Directly With Other Dental Professionals: Similar to the way business professionals connect on LinkedIn, DentalSpots.com is building a network geared specifically to the dental industry. Use our online community to build a referral network for your practice, keep in touch with contacts you meet at an industry conference or build a nationwide network of industry contacts.
  2. Keep Updated on Dental Topics: Join discussion boards and keep current on events and advances in the dental industry. Ask questions and get to know your fellow dental professionals.
  3. Be Aware of Job Openings: Watch for dental practices that are growing and build relationships with them. Suggest that they contact you the next time they are searching for a dentist. If you are thinking of relocating, get to know dental practices in your selected markets.
  4. Make Yourself Visible: You never know when you may decide that it is time to find a better opportunity or search for another job in the dental industry. When you do decide that it’s the right time to make a move, you won’t have to start at square one in trying to connect with possible employers or partners.
  5. Build Recognition for Yourself as a Specialist on a Topic: If you’ve got special knowledge on a particular topic in dentistry, be sure to comment on discussion boards or start your own stream on a particular topic. Other dentists will read and remember your postings and keep you in mind for possible job openings, referrals and speaking opportunities. Be sure to keep your DentalSpots.com profile up-to-date in case somebody wants to learn more about you.

DentalSpots.com is working hard to become your spot-on resource for everything you need to achieve success in the dental industry. Whether you are searching for a job as a dentist or associate dentist, want to learn more about dental care, or think that building a network of professional contacts will boost your dental career, turn to us for everything you need in one convenient online portal.

How important do you think professional networking is to building a career in dentistry? Leave a comment below, visit our website at www.dentalspots.com, connect on Facebook, follow @DentalSpots on Twitter, or call 1-800-971-8008. Use DentalSpots.com to help manage your dental career.

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