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According to a PBS Frontline documentary, more than 100 million Americans do not go to the dentist because they can’t afford it. Part of the problem for many of these people is that they don’t have dental insurance and are concerned about paying for dental care. Since wants to help your practice grow, here are some financing alternatives your practice might be able to offer to patients: 

  • CareCredit is an exclusive credit card for healthcare services that helps patients avoid paying interest charges by making minimum monthly payments. Payment terms range from 6 to 24 months, and patients must pay off the full amount due by the end of the agreement period.
  • Springstone Patient Financing provides payment plans for elective dental procedures. Features include an online application process, no initial fee or prepayment penalty, choice of payment plans at no interest for amounts up to $25,000, and financing up to $40,000 on extended plans with 3.99% APR. 
  • American Financial Services is a low-cost patient financing system. Dentists can set credit limits, interest rates and repayment schedules. The company promises 100% acceptance with no rejections. 
  • has limits from $1,000 to $25,000, with rates starting as low as 9.99%. Different options include Fixed Interest Rates, Deferred Interest, and Fixed Low Monthly Payments. Bad credit financing is available with a co-signer. 
  • Advance Care Card advertises a special introductory APR of 0% for the first six or fifteen billing cycles. There is no annual fee. Patients can apply online and quickly receive a decision. The card can be used for other family members without having to reapply for another card. 
  • Citi Health Card allows access to flexible payment plans and revolving credit options. No down payment is required and there are no pre-payment penalties. There is no need to reapply for additional treatments and the account can be used for all members of the family.

Your treatment coordinator should check the websites for specific terms on each of these plans, as rates and details may change. This is not a comprehensive list of opportunities, but a financing option can help your practice make services more accessible, which will help you keep and attract patients. When you are reviewing resumes from for your dental front office jobs, look for indications that job seekers are aware of current financing opportunities.

What other information would you like dental job applicants to have? Leave a comment below, visit our website at, connect on Facebook, follow @DentalSpots on Twitter, or call 1-800-971-8008. When you need help finding dental employees who can help educate patients on financing opportunities, turn to – the right spot to fill a job in dentistry. 

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