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2012 by kreandeau

Dealing with patients can be both fulfilling and frustrating. Every dentist knows that keeping patients is crucial to the growth of the practice. Satisfied patients come back year after year, and also refer your practice to their family and friends. Since wants to help your practice grow, we’ve used our background in building a dental practice to develop these helpful tips on dealing with patients:

  • Patience: While you have probably performed this procedure thousands of times, it may be the first time this patient has experienced it. Explain procedures thoroughly and respond to any concerns your patients have.
  • Open-Mindedness: Each patient needs to be treated differently. Some want more information from you, some bring information to you, and others are set on doing things their way. Get to know each patient and respond in a way that works to meet their needs.
  • Gratitude: Show that you appreciate the fact that your patients chose your dental practice over others in the area. Always take the time to say thank you and ask your patients to come back again.
  • Humility: You are providing an important service by protecting the oral health of your patients and their families, but without them you would have no practice. Always keep this in mind as you make decisions about your practice.

It’s crucial that you as the dentist as well all members of your dental staff show these characteristics to patients at all times. These personality traits should be taken into consideration when filling dental hygienist jobs, dental assistant jobs, and dental front office jobs in your office. One way to get to know more about a dental job seeker is to take advantage of the audio and video resume feature on You’ll have an opportunity to “meet” job candidates and get to know them better before they even walk in your office.

Sounds Great, But I Don’t Have Time to be Patient!

It may be hard to exhibit all these characteristics if you are stressed out by the administrative and staffing issues associated with running a successful dental practice. can reduce this stress by making it easier to find dental job applicants who meet your hiring criteria. Simply visit our dental employer page to get started and you’ll knock one item off your office to-do list.

What other traits do you exhibit that help you keep dental patients? Leave a comment below, visit our website at, connect on Facebook/DentalSpots, follow @DentalSpots on Twitter, or call 1-800-971-8008. When you need help finding dental employees who can keep patients happy turn to – the right spot to fill a job in dentistry.

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