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As a dental professional you know how crucial a healthy diet is to maintaining oral health. It’s also important that you get updates about changes in nutritional guidelines so you can help your patients stay informed as well. Since wants to help your practice grow, we will be using this blog to provide useful information that you can pass on to your dental care team and your patients.

The American Dental Association® (ADA) recently announced the success of its joint efforts with other groups to promote support of new school meal standards. The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act recently passed by Congress updated the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National School Lunch Program nutrition standards for the first time in fifteen years. The ADA voiced its strong support for this legislation based on the fact that tooth decay is the single most common, yet entirely preventable, chronic childhood disease today. Foods consumed in school and at home affect both oral health and overall health. The ADA’s MouthHealthy™ website provides a great deal of information on diet and dental health including the following recommendations:

  • Add more fruits, vegetables and whole grains to children’s daily food intake.
  • Reduce the amount of sugar-filled sodas, sweetened fruit drinks, and non-nutritious snacks consumed.
  • Follow dietary specifications to meet age-appropriate calorie levels
  • Reduce sodium content

Dental practices can work to support these guidelines through patient education and support of the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity (NANA), a coalition that advocates federal policies and programs to promote healthy eating and physical activity to help reduce illness.

You can inform your dental team of these new guidelines, but it’s also important to make sure potential dental employees keep up-to-date on changes in the dental profession. When you are reviewing resumes or communicating with prospective employees through be sure to look for indications that they are aware of current trends in the industry. This will help you fill your dental hygienist jobs, dental assistant jobs and dental front office jobs with people who will be able to add immediately to the professional and educational nature of your dental practice. can help you find dental job applicants who really know the effects nutrition has on oral health. Simply visit our dental employer page to get started and you’ll take a bite out of your dental hiring concerns.

What other information would you like dental job applicants to have? Leave a comment below, visit our website at, connect on Facebook/DentalSpots, follow @DentalSpots on Twitter, or call 1-800-971-8008. When you need help finding dental employees who can help provide dental education, turn to – the right spot to fill a job in dentistry.

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