Think Twice Before Filling Dental Jobs Too Quickly
2012 by DentalSpots

Welcome to our first blog post from, your spot-on resource for filling a dental job. As your online dental-employment agency, we’ve developed this blog to provide sound advice for filling your open dental jobs. Our co-founder is a practicing dental professional and we know the perils of hiring in haste. We’ve done it ourselves and hope you learn from our experience.

When a dental practice has unfilled dental hygienist jobs, dental assistant jobs or dental front office jobs it affects your ability to provide quality patient care. You’re busy with patients, marketing and administrative tasks so you might not take the time you should to find qualified candidates. In the long run though, hiring someone who is a bad fit can be worse than leaving the position open until you find the right candidate.

In the investment industry they say past performance is no guarantee of future performance, but the opposite is true in filling open dental jobs where past performance can indeed be an indication of future performance. In our co-founder’s practice, we lost one dental assistant and were rushing to hire another. One candidate interviewed well and had all the necessary skills, but the resume showed she had been jumping around among dental practices.

I asked about this and received a very convincing story about why it would not happen again, so we offered the job because I was too busy to find other options. Everything went great for two and a half months until our new dental assistant didn’t show up and called to say she was quitting. So we started the process all over again and ended up spending twice as much time as we would if we had done it right the first time. Months later I received a phone call from another dental practice for a reference. They also needed someone quickly and hired her without further research, making the same mistake we did. Four months later, I ran into that doctor and learned the same thing had happened again. Gives You Hiring Options

This story and others like it serve as the driving force behind If we had other choices available perhaps we would not have gone against our better instincts and hired this person. But we needed to get back to the practice and took what seemed to be the easy way out of a bind.

If had been available, we could easily have posted our open dental assistant job so candidates could apply directly to us. We might also have searched the available database to find candidates who met our requirements. Or we could have used the temporary staffing solution to fill the position until finding a permanent replacement.

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